Price and model changes coming soon

Price and model changes coming soon

June 20 Update: Restock is here!!! All bikes are now fully in stock and ready to ship. Due to unusual sales volume, we are currently guaranteeing US delivery within 3 weeks of your order, vs. our usual 2 week delivery guarantee. FastTrack orders will still deliver within 2 weeks of your order date. 

June 14 Update: We are now sold out of Bunch Bike 4 and fully phased over to the Bunch Bike 4+ expected to ship by the first week of July.

June 10 Update: As predicted, we have sold through our current stock and are now experiencing a 2-3 week restock delay. We are nearly sold out of Bunch Bike 4 and expect to phase over fully to 4+ within the next week. 


At Bunch Bikes, we believe that active, sustainable transportation can change the world. Being at the forefront of that movement - means our landscape keeps changing, too!

We wanted to let you know about some BIG changes that lie ahead for our Bunch fam - sooner than expected.

Tariff change = price increase

In late May, trade officials announced that a key tariff exclusion for ebikes would expire on June 14. 

The goal is to reduce overall imports from China. However, the vast majority of ebike components worldwide - including from high-end brands like Tektro, Shimano and Dapu - base some or all of their manufacturing there. As a result, most ebike brands will face a 25% increase in their base costs effective June 14.

We know that many of you plan your bike purchase for weeks, months or years. We'll absorb some of the increased costs on our bottom line and continue to price as tightly as we can.

We are covering a grace period for families currently shopping.

However, we do expect to have to implement a significant price increase - right around the Fourth of July.

We encourage families who plan to start Bunching in 2024 to finalize your purchase before that date. To help with that time crunch, monthly financing is available at 0% APR for 12 months.

Avoiding delays

UPDATE June 20: Our restock is here and we are ready to build and ship all bikes!

Our next generation Bunch Bike 4+ features all the deluxe upgrades that make the 4 a runaway bestseller - and is our first fully UL certified model.

(Read more about UL certification here)

With the price change looming, we are experiencing an unusual spike in sales volume. 

FastTrack orders placed today are still guaranteed to deliver within 2 weeks of your order in the US. All other orders will ship in the order they are received.

Placing your order this week, rather than waiting til just before the price deadline, will reduce delays and get your family rolling sooner!

Ready to learn more?

Send us an email or call or text us 940-536-0597. You can also try our "Ask Our Experts" calendar for a more in-depth consultation!

Pride Month & Equality Texas

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Thank you to @madisonbontempo for the gorgeous "Ditch the minivan" pic!

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