Cargo trikes at work - U.S. Capitol and beyond!

Cargo trikes at work - U.S. Capitol and beyond!

The majority of Bunch owners choose a cargo bike to cruise with their kids, their pups, or even an adult passenger. Those bikes take the place of a family minivan, a bike trailer or a second car.

We're also delighted to see more cargo bikes replacing working wheels - delivery trucks, utility vehicles and more.

A practical choice

In cities, in close-knit neighborhoods and on campuses, biking is a great way to get around for work - with zero parking hassles and a quieter, more pleasant footprint than a car. A cargo bike is more sustainable and more affordable than any other electric vehicle. 

Adding a cargo bike to a working fleet is GREAT for staff quality of life. The trike format is fun and easy to ride even for beginners, and team members will vie for the chance to take the bike for the day instead of driving a golf cart - or a van.

Branded bikes also tend to become instant local celebrities - spreading smiles and good vibes everywhere!

Quieter than a Gator

The Architect of the Capitol is the government agency that cares for the Capitol grounds in Washington, DC.

They typically use Gators to get around onsite, but found that the noise could be very disruptive - especially when a legislator is giving a speech on the Capitol steps!

We loved their recent article about how they now use a cargo trike for many gardening and maintenance tasks. Check it out at this link

(Please note, they're forbidden by regulation from discussing or disclosing any brand name in their media. We still think that's a great-looking bike!)

Cargo bikes for utility - and delivery

The Architect of the Capitol joins a number of other large nonprofit and corporate campuses using cargo trikes for landscaping, groundskeeping, and staff utility.

Most of these organizations choose the K9 layout with front door then add a custom vinyl wrap

We're also thrilled to see small business owners deliver baked goods, kitchen supplies, coffee and children's books via the purpose built Bunch Bike Delivery.

(No, this layout is not new - just lesser known as it's not our central focus. We mostly serve families, nature schools, preschools and dog lovers; less than 5% of our total sales are for business.)

Ready to learn more?

An electric cargo trike is super easy and fun to ride - but VERY different from a "normal" bike.

If you'd like to try it for yourself - we'd love to hook you up with a test ride!

Our cargo box layouts are modular and built on the same chassis. So you can try out any bike on our test ride map to learn how the trike handles - and get the scoop on pros and cons from a real-life owner.

In some regions, you can also rent a Bunch Bike for free!

Not sure how to get started? Reach out to us via email ( or schedule a meeting with us at this link. We'd love to help!

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