Family Cargo Bike - The Swift

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Note: 2019 Swift bikes discontinued. 2020 model coming this summer.

The perfect daily rider for city dwellers and families with 1-2 kids.  The Swift is the slimmer, faster, and lighter cousin of our Original 3-wheel Family Cargo Bike. Zip your kids (or your gear) through your city while taking fast, tight turns, and ride almost anywhere you could with a normal bicycle.

Load It All Up Front

Whether it’s kids, dogs, beach gear, or delivery boxes, The Swift can get it done! Forget struggling how to secure everything to the back of your bike. Say “see ya later” to that bike trailer. With The Swift’s cargo box, everything is easily loaded up front where you can see it. No hassle, just get outside and go!

Ride Easier with Electric

Electric Version Only

The 500w 48v DAPU Hub Motor will flatten your hills! The motor's output automatically adjusts to how hard you pedal, using the torque sensor.

Controls at Your Fingers

Electric Version Only

Use the convenient handlebar-mounted control panel to: Turn on the headlight, watch battery life, turn up the motor assist, and check your speed and mileage.

Easy Height Adjustment

Different-sized parents? No problem! Quick-release levers make saddle height and handlebar adjustment a snap. Fits rider heights 5’0” to 6’2”

Powerful Stopping Power

Whether the road is wet or dry, the pair of high-end Avid BB7 mechanical disc brakes will stop on a dime and protect your precious cargo.

Adapt to Any Situation

Pedal easier going uphill or loaded with kids and groceries. The Shimano Tourney SL-TX50 Shifter and 6 gears smoothly adapt the bike to any situation.

Power Your Ride... And More

Electric Version Only

Charge the slide-out 48v 14Ah Li-ion battery anywhere. Be visible with built-in flashing rear LEDs. Ride 20-30 miles on a single charge.

Secure Your Stuff

With a lockable under-bench storage box, keep your helmets, rain cover, and shopping bags locked up and out of sight. Need more space in the cargo box? Undo the latch and easily slide out the removable bench panels.

No-Tip Loading

The spring-loaded double kickstand, keeps the bike in place, while you load your precious cargo. No falling or tipping over!

No Stopping for Flats

Flat tire while hauling the kids? Not likely! The thick CST-brand, puncture-resistant tires will handle most gravel and road debris that comes your way.

All About the Bike


Customize your Bunch experience to fit your family's needs.

Customer Reviews

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Great cargo bike for the price

Front-loaded cargo bikes are so versatile, but other bikes of this design cost much more. The Bunch swift can carry a lot (two young kids plus groceries)... I think it would feel more stable with larger & fatter wheels, though.

Love it enough to get a second one!

Love it enough to get a second one!
These bikes are less expensive than other cargo bikes but they are top quality! I purchased my swift to take my dog places (she is old and doesn't walk very well) and to quick trips to the store. I researched and test rode several front loaders when I found the Bunch Bikes. The price was the selling point for me. It works great for what I wanted to use it for, however, the product it put together so well and the electric motor and components are top tear that I now commute to work a couple of days a week. I was hesitant at first as I have a significant hill to get up each way, but with the electric motor commuting is more fun than work! Date day for me and my wife includes her ridding in the bucket alone San Diego Bay, stopping for lunch. We have had so much fun on our bike rides that we have purchased an Original for her to ride. Now we can take our dogs along on our adventures.

Customer service is top notch!! If you have any questions or need any help they are easily accessible though phone, email or chat. They absolutely stand by their bikes. Also, the bunch bike community is always there for help or advice. Have a question about something? Just post it to the Facebook page and an answer is not far behind! Need more help? Of course we will post a video!

I bought my Swift because it was the one I could afford at the time. I bought the Original because of its quality and the customer service that comes with it.


The Bunch bike works! It’s perfect for getting around with my kids. We use it for preschool drop off, soccer Saturdays, and other daily errands. The customer service has been great and personal. It’s so fun to be out on a bike. The cover has been great for keeping the kids warm as the cold has arrived this fall. Recommended!!

Love riding the SWIFT (e-assist)

Our city purchased an electric assist Bunch Bikes Swift model to use for our bicycle & pedestrians program about four months ago. It has been a fantastic addition to the program. Everywhere we ride it turns heads and gets lots of questions. After about ten minutes of test riding in the parking lot, it rides just like a regular bike. When we first got it we had a few questions about operating the electric assist. Bunch Bikes was very quick to respond and made sure all of our questions were answered. 10/10 would purchase again.


Family Cargo Bike - The Swift


COVERED: wear and tear of various bicycle components attached to the frame caused by normal recreational riding. Provides additional 3 or 5 years of worry-free ownership, allowing you to ride with the peace of mind that worn out parts will be repaired or replaced.labor is also covered**.

NOT COVERED: parts that carry less than 90 days of manufacturer’s warranty, parts and accessories not permanently attached to the bike (lights, cycling computers, panniers, saddle bags, fenders), frame***, brake pads, tires, tubes, fluids, batteries and chargers, abuse, theft, accidental damage, and regular maintenance.

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