The K9

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Take your dog everywhere with The K9, our premier canine cargo bike. Strap your best buddy in the front cargo box and hit the open road. Dog-friendly features and accessories guarantee safe and comfortable riding for your pet, while they enjoy the wind in their face and tongue flapping in the breeze!

Bike with your pet!

Share more experiences with your four-legged family members with The K9! They’ll enjoy the wind in their fur as you discover new, dog-friendly adventures in your neighborhood. Whether you’re running errands, going to the dog park, or hitting the open road, you and your pup can seize the play with The K9.

Front Door

The swinging door allows dogs easy entry and keeps them safe inside the cargo box.

500w Electric Motor

The powerful 500w 48v DAPU Hub Motor will flatten your hills! The motor automatically adjusts to how hard you pedal, making your ride easy, fun, and sweat-free!

Comfy Cushion

The 5-inch thick foam cushion keeps your dog comfortable and allows smaller dogs to see over the walls and feel the wind in their face!

Bring the Kids Too

The cushion folds up so you can use the bench for kids or storage. The fold-over front allows petite pups to step up and good view.

Double-Sided Leash

Fully adjustable leash with clips on each end secures your precious pup inside the cargo box.

Locking Bench

This easily removable bench doubles as a storage box and seats two kids, so the whole pack can ride together!

All About The K9


Customize your Bunch experience to fit your family's needs.


COVERED: wear and tear of various bicycle components attached to the frame caused by normal recreational riding. Provides additional 3 or 5 years of worry-free ownership, allowing you to ride with the peace of mind that worn out parts will be repaired or replaced.labor is also covered**.

NOT COVERED: parts that carry less than 90 days of manufacturer’s warranty, parts and accessories not permanently attached to the bike (lights, cycling computers, panniers, saddle bags, fenders), frame***, brake pads, tires, tubes, fluids, batteries and chargers, abuse, theft, accidental damage, and regular maintenance.

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Customer Reviews

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Great bike and customer service.

I bought this bike to tote my geriatric dogs around . They love it as do I . My wife rides with us and directs traffic. We are in Key West and it has enabled us to explore places with our dogs that we couldn't visit before.