The Coupe - White - Clearance

This is a returned Coupe electric cargo bike with 9 miles on the odometer and some small scratches from shipping.  There are small cosmetic issues, including scuffs/scratches on the frame, display, fender and seat post.


Previous owner installed RhinoDillos flat-prevention tire liners.

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  • This is a clearance item in less than perfect condition.
  • In stock. Allow 2 weeks for delivery. Only 1 available.
  • This bike has been cleaned and tuned up by our mechanics and is ready to ship.
  • Comes with standard Bunch Bikes manufacturer warranty
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Customer Reviews

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Duncan Callantine
Great Car Replacement -Easy to Operate

Grocery Shopping, School Dropoff, and tons of other local adventures are so much more enjoyable for our kid and us with this bike. It handles the biggest hills easily and is very balanced so even inexperienced bikers feel comfortable operating.
Compared to the non-tricycle options we really felt that this design was safer and easier to operate. Actually helped with my own knee surgery recovery since i never would have been allowed on a balance type bike.

Extremely well built and has all the bells and whistles built right in. Customer Service has been incredible as well. This bike turns heads in our very bike-friendly city and I can't recommend it enough to folks looking for a true car replacement option. If you do the math Between insurance , gas , oil changes , and just other regularly scheduled car maintenenance, this bike pays for it self within a few years.

Hey Duncan,

Thanks for sharing your experience with the bike.

I'm most happy to hear that your customer service experience has been incredible. If our customer's expectations haven't been exceeded, then we've messed up.

And yes, replacing family car trips with a Bunch Bike is a no brainer with these gas prices!!!

- Aaron @ Bunch


I love this bike so far. It is still winter so I've used it only a few times but it is so sturdy and also spacious. I can't wait for summer.
Important to note that this bike does fit through a standard doorway which was very important for me when choosing a bike.

I'm glad we were able to provide you a bike that met your needs. Those pups are going to have a great time this summer! - Aaron @ Bunch

Adrian Obie Arnlund
Wife loves it

So much nicer than our old cargo bike, not even on the same page. The bike was designed with intent vs just cleaning up an old school cargo work bike…very pleased

Marty and Carol Adkins
Marty Adkins

We like our Bunch Coupe very much, although we haven't yet accumulated many miles. The electric assist works as promised, it handles as expected and the controls are intuitive. We did replace the seat with one that has springs and cushier gel padding. Besides that, so far so good!

P L Baer
Great bike

All working well, we love it

Deborah Birenbaum
My dog’s bike

I love my coupe. My only complaint is having to buy an adapter in order to charge it. It should come with the appropriate adapter.

Hi Deborah,

I'm glad you are loving your bike!

Our Dutch manufacturer made a mistake on the shipment containing your bike and packed European chargers in some of the boxes. We didn't realize it until after some people had received their bikes.

We sent replacement charging adapters to everyone we thought got the wrong charger, but it looks like we missed you, and I'm really sorry about that.

We just sent you an email, just reply with the cost that you paid for the plug adapter and we'll refund you that additional cost.

Caroline Healy
Absolutely amazing!

I just wanted to let you know how much we LOVE our Coupe. Both of us grownups enjoy riding it and the kids (2 and 4 years old) are so excited every time we go for a ride. We’ve put dozens of miles on it in the past week and couldn’t be happier! So thank you for making such a fun bike. Also, Kyle was incredibly helpful throughout the deciding/ordering process. We ended up with the perfect bike for us!

Emily Ross
Coupe Review

We have loved our bike! We got it so that one of our daughters (who has multiple special needs) could participate in bike riding too, and she has loved it! The other kids think its so cool, they always ask for turns too! The E assist is so helpful, i couldn't do all the leg work required without it. The interface is very simple to use, the ride is smooth. I was a bit nervous because I hadn't spent that much money on a bicycle before, but I have not regretted it. Worth every penny.

The only two things I wish we could change...

First, that there be an option for a one-person seat belt, not just the two kids set up. Our daughter with special needs is nine and tall for her age, so the seat belts (since they are made for much younger kids) don't fit her. The shoulder straps could almost fit, since they do adjust, but the bottom part that the two shoulder straps snap into doesn't. Also, there's only one connection on either side, and since she is so much bigger and takes up pretty much the whole seat, we would need a seatbelt that connects in the middle.

Secondly, I'm pretty short (5'4"), and the pedals are set a bit lower down (maybe to easier meet the back wheel for the E assist?). This means it is harder for me to reach the pedals, even when the seat is set as low as it can go. I have to pedal with my toes.

The coupe is an amazing feat of engineering.

This bike doesn’t work for me since both roads home are a strong incline. I’m very sad that I cannot keep this bike.

Ellen Deffenbaugh
We Love Our New Coupe

I've been riding an e-trike for a few years but was looking for something safe to use to take our dogs on rides and decided on the Coupe after much research. Because Bunch has such great customer communication, all of my questions were answered via email and phone, so I felt confident buying without having done a test drive. We made a few mods for comfort, such as replacing the hand grips with thick, gel core tape, adding a shock-absorbing seat post and a comfort saddle, and replacing the bell with a louder one from Crane. My husband is used to challenging rides and was riding like a pro from day one. I took a couple of test runs, but after two or three trips around the block, I was able to take my favorite ride--with the pups! Mostly everything on this bike is excellent quality, and I love that it came fully assembled, so we just had to roll it out of the crate. I also love that someone like me, who has zero athletic ability and has never ridden a two-wheeler, can easily get comfortable on the Coupe. The ride is smooth and feels very safe and stable. What might I change? The handlebar wrap, but that's easy to modify on one’s own. Also, it would be nice if the Enviolo app could store rider profiles so that the bike would pair when a registered rider gets on. And, I'd like to see the time on the display, but these are minor details and in no way detract from the fact that the Coupe is safe, stable and fun to ride, virtually out of the crate and with very few mods. I’m definitely hooked!