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NOTE: Electric bikes are on backorder. Mid-September estimated delivery for bikes ordered today.
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The Bikes Have Arrived

Summer can officially begin, now that our latest shipment of cargo bikes has landed. Replace boring car trips with fun family adventures. With room for all of your kids, a Bunch family cargo bike is a rolling party on 3 wheels!

We Boast a Bunch of Features

Ride with style. Ride with comfort. Ride with complete safety.

Ride Easier with Electric

Electric Version Only

The 500w 48v DAPU Hub motor's output automatcially adjusts to how hard you pedal, using the torque sensor. Or, use the thumb throttle to control the motor manually.

Controls at Your Fingers

Electric Version Only

Use the convenient handlebar-mounted control panel to: Turn on the headlight, watch battery life, turn up the motor assist, and check your speed and mileage.

Easy Height Adjustment

Different-sized parents? No problem! Quick-release levers make saddle height and handlebar adjustment a snap.

Powerful Stopping Power

Whether the road is wet or dry, the pair of high-end Avid BB7 mechanical disc brakes will stop on a dime and protect your precious cargo.

Adapt to Any Situation

Pedal easier going uphill or loaded with kids and groceries. The Shimano Tourney SL-TX50 Shifter and 6 gears smoothly adapt the bike to any situation.

Power Your Ride

Electric Version Only

Charge the slide-out 48v 14Ah Li-ion battery anywhere. Be visible with built-in flashing rear LEDs. Power your phone (or boombox!) with the micro-USB port. Bike-camping or touring, and need to extend your ride with an extra battery or two? Let us know what you need!

Secure Your Stuff

With lockable under-bench storage boxes, keep your helmets, rain cover, and shopping bags locked up and out of sight. Need more space in the cargo box? Undo the latch and easily slide out the removable bench panels.

No Stopping for Flats

Flat tire while hauling the kids? Not likely! The thick CST-brand, puncture-resistant tires will handle most gravel and road debris that comes your way.

Keep Your Kids Dry

Protect your children from the elements with the Rain Cover Add-On. A heavy-duty zipper on the front lets you get kids in and out while leaving the cover up.

Make Yourself Heard

Made in Osaka, Japan, Crane bike bells emit a beautiful clear ring tone that will make you heard on the bike path. Select the Add-On option above.

Safe and Sound

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Safety First

Total safety for your Bunch. Four, 3-point seat belts are included to secure your most precious cargo.

Superior Storage

Groceries? Picnic Baskets? With lockable under-bench storage, the cargo box fits more than parents expect.

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