Front Door - The Original

The front door add-on for our Original cargo bike makes it easy for dogs and kids to step up into the bike.  Perfect for families with big dogs or kids who aren’t quite ready to climb over the side of the box.

$127.49 Regular price $149.99
  • Heavy duty, spring-tension latches keep the door secure when on the move
  • Fun way for kids to get in the bike. It’s “their” door!
  • Prevents an awkward “hoist and drop” of your 50+ pound dog.
  • Combine with our cargo box leash clip, to make your bike dog-ready.
  • Note: Door is not compatible with the front bench. Bikes with a door will have the front bench removed.
Hinges : info coming soon
Latches : info coming soon
Dimensions : info coming soon

To add the front door, we have to modify the standard Original bike frame. The bike’s front headlight bar is removed, and the headlight is instead mounted underneath the cargo box.

The door is NOT compatible with the front bench of the bike. If you add the front door to your bike, the front bench will be removed.

Shipping on all accessories with the purchase of a bike is free. When applicable, accessories will be pre-installed.


NOTE: If you are purchasing the front door separately, you will need to first remove the headlight bar on your bike, before the door can be installed! The headlight will then need to be mounted underneath the cargo box. Doing this may require the services and tools of a professional. Email for our recommended instructions for installation.


You can find the estimated shipping cost below:


Anywhere in the lower 48 states: $20