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Electric Cargo Bike


Designed and built with Dutch craftsmanship, The Coupe is as beautiful as it is functional. Safety features like the impact-resistant expanded polypropylene (EPP) cargo box protect your most precious cargo, while sophisticated technology—like the Bafang mid-motor and auto-shifting Nuvinci hub—deliver an effortless riding experience that will have you and up to 2 kids (or dogs!) exploring your city like never before!

Shipping: $199 - Fully Assembled Shipping

Delivery: Yellow - shipping early May. Black, Blue & White - Shipping June.

Good Things Come in Small Packages

Designed for dog owners and families with 1-2 kids who want the stability of 3 wheels, without the excess size and weight of a traditional cargo trike. The Coupe is all the bike you need, and none of what you don't.

Near-silent electric mid-motor

3-point seat belts

Up to 75 miles range per charge

Fold down front door

Fits through any standard door

Fenders with finger protection

Why the Coupe?

Elegant Design. Quality Craftsmanship

Contemporary Design

The floating curves and sophisticated combination of materials give The Coupe a distinctive appearance that captures your attention.

Curated Colors

Choose between 4 standard color options for the frame which, in combination with the subtle brown accents and front door paneling, result in an iconic look.

Dutch Craftsmanship

Each bike is built with care in The Netherlands, the bike capital of the world, ensuring a remarkably high quality standard and attention to detail.


No Hanging Wires

With wires and cables hidden in the frame and handlebars, and the battery discreetly tucked underneath the cargo box, you can barely tell The Coupe is electric.


Advanced Tech for Effortless Riding

Bafang Electric Mid-Motor

The near-silent Bafang M400 mid-motor will have you breezing over hills with a robust 80Nm of torque. The motor feels natural as it seamlessly responds to your pedaling, for a ride that is superior to bikes with rear hub motors.


Nuvinci Hub with Auto-Shifting

The Enviolo CT stepless automatic system is a joy to use, as you are always in the perfect gear, no shifting required. In addition to being a joy to ride, the NuVinci CVT technology maximizes both battery efficiency and range.


Ride All Day Battery

At up to 75 miles, The Coupe has one of the largest ranges of any cargo trike on the market. The 720Wh, 20Ah battery quickly charges from empty to full in just 2-3 hours, via the 4A charger.


Frame-Integrated Headlights

Always be seen. The twin head lights are impact resistant and built right into the frame. The daylight sensors automatically activate both the front and rear lights in low-light conditions.


Designed with Safety in Mind

EPP Cargo Box

The Coupe is the only cargo trike in the world with a cargo box made of expanded polypropylene (EPP), the same lightweight and impact-resistant that infant car seats are made out of.


Tektro Hydraulic Disc Brakes

The powerful Tektro hydraulic brakes allow you to stop in an instant and include a parking brake to keep the bike secure and stationary while loading.

Fenders with Finger Protection

Keep your children's wandering hands out of danger with the custom fenders featuring side-coverage finger protection.


Hebie Chainglider

The Hebie Chainglider keeps your chain completely contained, preventing long skirts and loose pants from getting caught and keeping the chain free of dirt and grime.


Comfortable to Ride

Low-Step Frame. Upright Seating

The low step-over height makes the bike easy to get on and off, so you can dress for the destination. The upright seating position gives you a casual riding posture and a better view of the world around you.


Lightweight Aluminum Frame

The aluminum frame is both durable and lightweight. At 130 pounds, the bike is lighter than steel-framed bikes with wooden cargo boxes, and you can feel the difference!


Angled Front Wheels

The front wheels are tilted inwards to keep the bike grounded and stable, allowing you to make turns with confidence.


Schwalbe Big Apple Plus Tires

The Big Apple's proprietary "balloonbike" technology provides a comfort-enhancing suspension effect, keeping both you and the kids happy on bumpy roads, while also being super tough and flat-resistant.

Versatile and Convenient

Drop-Down Front Door

The front door allows you to easily load up kids or dogs and comes in handy for unloading big grocery bags. For businesses, the door can be branded with a vinyl wrap, contact us for details.


Integrated Rear Rack

The rear rack is solidly welded to the frame, giving you 100 pounds of carrying capacity for bags, baskets, or an additional child seat.


Maxi-Cosi Car Seat Mount

Safely secure your little one with the optional Maxi-Cosi mounting attachment. And easily transfer them from bike to inside without waking them up from a nap.


Slim Profile

At 31.5" wide, The Coupe conveniently fits through any standard door or backyard gate, making this bike easy to park and stow.


Technical Specs

Full Spec List


36v 20Ah Li-ion - 720 Wh, Samsung 35E Cells


Battery Charger

36v 4A Smart Charger


Brakes - Front

Tektro Auriga E-Twin HD-T525


Brakes - Rear

Tektro Auriga E-Tune HD-T530


Brake Rotors

Tektro 180mm front and 160mm rear


Cargo Box

Expanded Polypropylene (EPP) shock absorbing






Hebie Chainglider



Bafang AC08-2 - 170mm



Fender - Rear

Curana CLite 26"


Fender - Front

Bunch plastic fender with finger protection - brown



Rear - Aluminum

Front - Electrolytically galvanized steel



Front - 2 front frame-integrated LEDs

Rear - Spanninga Elips



Bafang MAX M400 mid-engine, 250w, 80 Nm



Union Sp-2828



Ryde Andra 40 Double Wall



Selle San Remo, Monaco


Ergotech 27.2mm x 320mm Black




Enviolo stepless automatic shifting



13-gauge stainless steel


Steering Damper

Single gas-spring damper


Rear Hub, Internal Gear

Enviolo CT City


Rear Rack

Rear Frame Integrated, 100-pound load limit


Rear Wheel Frame Lock

Abus Shield 5650L



Front - Schwalbe Big Apple Plus, 50-507 - 24 x 2.00

Rear - Schwalbe Big Apple Plus, 55-559 - 26 x 2.15


Measurements & Weights

Recommended Rider Heights

5'5" - 6'5"


Seat Height

31.5" - 39.5" (measured from bottom of pedal stroke)


Handlebar Height

46" - 49"


Total Length



Width at Widest Point (Fender to Fender)



Handlebar Width




Rear Rack Length



Rear Rack Capacity

99 lbs.


Total Loading Capacity of Bike

350 lbs.

Max Loading Capacity of Cargo Area



Bike Weight

132 lbs.


Seatpost Diameter

27.2 mm

Cargo Box Internal Width




Cargo Box EPP Wall Thickness



Cargo Box Length



Cargo Box Height

14" at the front to 18" near the handlebars


Bench Height from Floor


Height from Ground to Floor of Box



"The Coupe is definitely a couple steps up in terms of craftsmanship compared to anything like this I've ridden before"

- Micah Toll -


Customize your Coupe to fit your family's needs!

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