Back to School Bunch Bike Bundle!

BACK TO SCHOOL SPECIAL: Busy parents, we see you! This bundle includes your brand new Bunch Bike, plus everything you'll need to get your kids to and from school (or preschool, or day care) in the funnest way possible... and at a sweet discount. Goodbye, carpool line! 


 What's included?  

    To make life easy, we'll throw in free Accessory Assembly & Mounting - let us set up all your items for you, so you're ready to roll on Day One! 

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      Customer Reviews

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      Steven S
      Life changing

      We couldn't love our bunch more. The kids prefer it to taking the car. It feels like Disneyland everyday. It has completely changed our lifestyle and quality of life in such positive ways. The customer service at bunch is world class. Thank you for offering, delivering, and supporting such an amazing product!!!!! If you're on the fence, go for it!!

      This is one heck of a testimonial Steven. It's not always easy running a bike company, but it's reviews like this that remind me of the impact we are having on people's lives.

      Thanks so much for sharing!

      - Aaron @ Bunch

      Andrew Sensenig
      commute to work on the bunchbike

      I used to pull a bike trailer to work on my old all terrain bike, hauled groceries, and hauled food waste for my backyard chickens. Now I use the Bunchbike Original tricycle. It has plenty of power. I take my kids to some appts in it. It is important to take it easy the first few miles because the turning dynamics are different than a bicycle. Almost learned the hard way, but now am a much safer driver.

      I too have backyard chickens and have wanted to take them for nice little ride around in the neighborhood in our Bunch Bike... but my family has vetoed that idea!

      I do use it to haul feed from the farm store once a month though! I'm glad to hear that you got a handle on the handling. For anyone else reading this that wants to better understand some of the differences between riding a 2 and 3 wheel bike, this video I made explains it well:

      - Aaron @ Bunch

      Everything we could have wanted

      Couldn't be happier with the bike and the company itself. It arrived on a pallet ready to go. It has plenty of power and range is great.

      That bike is fully loaded, nice pic!

      Glad to hear you had a great experience with our company and that bike is exceeding expectations!

      Happy riding!

      - Aaron @ Bunch

      Car alternative

      It's often said that the majority of your time is spent within 5 miles of your home. I've felt a little guilty hopping into my car to go to the grocery story nearby or a park that's just a little bit further away. Guilt no more! I've found that bunch bike to be great alternative to using my gas car. It's easy for grocery shopping and trip around the neighborhood with my daughter. In the coming fall, I plan to use the bunch bike like a "school bus" and pick up kids along the way to drop them off in the morning! I get exercise and lower my carbon footprint in this world. I see this as a win win. Thanks Bunch Bikes!

      As for downsides, I do have a bit of anxiety leaving the bike unattended. I did invest in a heavy duty bike lock and I imagine with time I'll feel more and more comfortable about it.

      Hi Trevor,

      I started Bunch Bikes to scratch this itch for myself. How to stay car free with kids (especially in the 5 mile range). I'm glad the bike has empowered you to do the same!

      I like the bike bus idea! If might become so popular you'll find yourself importing one of these:

      For some additional peace of mind, you should register your bike and serial number with the local police department, and also check to see if your renter's or homeowner's insurance will let you add bike theft to your policy. We have had many customers do this.

      - Aaron @ Bunch Bikes.

      Nick Van Kley
      Great for kid commuting

      This machine has been an incredible car replacement in a bike-friendly small town. We ride our two little kids to and from daycare each day. They love the view and - with cushions and the rain cover - stay warm and dry even in wet and chilly weather.

      Some of the natural downsides of the trike are very easy to work around. It doesn't handle bumps very well: slow down a bit for bumps and buy the cushions for the kids. It's a little tippy when you turn sharply onto an uphill (like a driveway): slow down for those turns. On a blustery day, you really feel the wind pulling you around: turn up the assist and keep your speed under 15 mph.

      We also love how easy it is to customize the box. Very simple to drill holes in the plywood to add features (like a rear-view mirror down by your shins, a rechargeable power supply for heated blankets, etc).

      Well worth the money; no regrets!

      Hi Nick,

      I think you nailed the pros and cons really well! Pros: Replace your cars and a great time for you and the kids. Cons: some unique handling quirks. I made a video here demonstrating some of these points:

      Now to open google and find out about these rechargeable blanket power supplies.... I'm going on year 6 of Bunch Biking, but I think that just might change the game this winter!

      - Aaron @ Bunch

      Great purchase

      We use the Bunch Bike every day! We love riding our three daughters around the neighborhood, and they have a blast. The motor is strong, battery lasts a long time, and it's a sturdy bike! We have only owned it for about a month, but so far we have not had any issues. I would recommend bunch bikes to anyone in the market looking for one!

      Hey Jordan,

      I'm so glad to hear that your bike is holding up well and that it's become a part of your daily routine! You've got years of fun family memories to come, enjoy!

      - Aaron @ Bunch

      Hannah M
      Perfect for everything!

      Running errands? Commuting to work? Picking up groceries? Leisurely ride with the pups and kids? The Bunch has been a complete game changer for our family! We needed the perks of a car (electric support for heavy hauls, space to store groceries, space for the kid and dog) with all perks of a bike (easy parking, bike paths, smaller footprint, eco friendly) and the bunch has blown us away.

      Hey Hannah,

      Sounds like you're doing everything a car can do and more! That's what I'm all about!

      Now that you're living your best #cargobikelife, you might appreciate this hilarious youtube video I saw this week about the 'best tool for the job' (hint: it's not a truck):

      - Aaron @ Bunch

      Erin Zeiger
      Great for family adventures!

      We have had our Bunch bike for only a couple weeks but have already put over 50 miles on it. We are new to the Philly area and have loved learning about our new hometown on the bike. With so many trails to ride around the river, my two girls (6 and 2) and I have ditched the car in favor of riding to parks and other fun destinations to get around. While it can be a bumpy ride without shocks, the seat covers help a lot. We took out the second bench to quiet our ride since we don’t have kids sitting there. We have played with some speed on the straight open flats, but definitely take our time getting around safely, especially with turns. We live up a steep hill, so the electric motor is a lifesaver…there’s no way I could do it on my own and the motor makes it easy. Our only debacle so far was not measuring the door to our bike storage room in advance, the Bunch is a couple inches larger than the standard door frame…so we had to get creative in a pinch to store it at our apartment.

      50 miles in 2 weeks, wow great job!

      One of my favorite things about 5 years of Bunch Bike riding is exploring all the nooks and crannies of our city and neighborhood. Places we wouldn't have seen while driving in a car from A to B.

      Sounds like you're becoming an expert Bunch Bike rider, you'll have a good sense of how fast you can take those turns in no time!

      Sorry about the storage snafu... The advantage of the bike is how big the storage area is, which makes it effectively a car replacement, but the downside is it can be difficult to fit it into tight spaces and some doorways. I'm glad you were able to work something out though!

      - Aaron @ Bunch

      Love it

      It’s been awesome to bring my two boys to and pick up from school with the bunch bike. I love that I can see them and talk to them and they have enough space so that they don’t fight anymore. It’s a great experience for us all.

      Hi Lena,

      Bike trailers are great, but you hit on the 2 main drawbacks: Can't see or talk to the kids, and they are pretty cramped in there together!

      What I love about the Bunch Bike is the cargo area up front that yes, gives them enough space, and you can also keep an eye on them to nip any bickering in the bud!

      Glad to hear that you guys are enjoying the new school pick up routine!

      Happy Bunching!

      - Aaron @ Bunch

      Christopher Tiffany
      Not stable at speed

      Bike wants to dump over at any real speed when turning.

      Not very safe unless going slow.

      Thanks for sharing your honest feedback Christopher, and I'm sorry to hear that it sounds like you took a spill on the bike during a turn. I hope everyone is ok.

      Anyone can learn to ride a cargo trike safely with a little practice. The biggest difference between our bike and normal bicycle, is that you do have to take turns much slower, and the maximum speed of the bike is going to be less as well (most people operate the bike in the 10-18mph range when riding straight ahead)

      We want every family to have a bike that they love, and feel safe riding. If that's not the case for you and your family and you are having regrets about your purchase of the bike, I'd be happy to coordinate a return and full refund even though you're a couple weeks outside of the 2-week return window. Just email

      For anyone reading this review who is curious to learn more about the handling differences of our bike, we just published a new Youtube video this week that covers this topic here:

      - Aaron @ Bunch