Cargo Bikes for All Families

Inspired by the Danish people (aka “The Happiest People on Earth”) , we at Bunch Bikes believe that cycling can be a part of every family’s daily life. As parents ourselves, we design cargo bikes with families in mind. Safely transport all your children front and center where you can see them. Have fun laughing and talking with your kids as you ride around town. We spend so much of life travelling from A to B. Replace the gas fumes with fresh air, and experience the joy of doing your everyday journeys on a cargo bike.

For the Whole Bunch

Forget the minivan! We have cargo bikes to hold up to 4 of your kids (5 with a rear rack seat). Pack all the week’s snacks, diaper bags, and groceries inside the under-bench storage lockers. Have a little one? Remove a bench and strap their infant car seat inside the cargo box. No kids? Treat your Good Boy or Girl with a bike ride to the dog park. Whoever might be in your family, you can bike ‘em in a Bunch.

Our Growing Cargo Bike Community

From California to New York, our cargo bikes are in 45 states, 3 countries and counting. Buckle your kids in a Bunch and join the community of happy families committed to a fun, active, pedal-powered lifestyle.

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