We've gathered the questions we're asked most often and their answers for you here. If you don't see your question, please contact us Here and we'll get back to you ASAP.

What happened to Urban Tribe?

Bunch Bikes launched in April 2018. We’re the same company as Urban Tribe, with a new name. We wanted a brand that was more fun and family-focused (and less of a mouthful) than Urban Tribe Cargo Bicycles was. If you have an Urban Tribe cargo bike, we’ll continue to provide you customer support and honor your warranty.

How does the bike turn? Is it hard to turn?

This is our #1 most asked question! The cargo bike is easy to turn, although it can take a couple of rides to get used to it. The entire cargo box turns as one unit, with the handlebars. The pivot point is underneath the middle of the cargo box. So, the front half of the bike turns first, and the rear of the bike follows. If you've ever push a 6-wheeled shopping cart, it kind of feels like that.

Is the bike hard to pedal? Do you have to be in shape?

No, the bike is easier to pedal than it looks. You don't have to be a biker or be in-shape to ride the bike. There are 6 gears, so if you have trouble pedaling, shift to a lower gear. The electric version's motor makes it easier to ride the bike when fully loaded or riding up hills.

How do you load the bike without it tipping over?

Our cargo bikes have parking brakes to keep the wheels still while parked or loading. The 3-wheel bike stays upright, because it has 3-wheels to stand on. The 2-wheel bike has a double-sided kickstand that lifts the front wheel off the ground for loading.

How many children can fit in the cargo box?

A bunch! Our cargo bike comes equipped with 2 benches and 4 child seat belts, so 4 kids can fit inside the box. You can install a Yepp Maxi child seat (sold separately) on the rear cargo rack to add a 5th.

Are there seat belts?

Yes. Our 3-wheel cargo bike comes with 4 over-the-shoulder seat belts installed. Our 2-wheel cargo bike comes with 2 seat belts installed.

Will the seat belts fit my child?

Yes. The seat belts are designed to fit every size child. Each shoulder strap is fully adjustable. A velcro cinch strap keeps the two belts tight behind the shoulders and stops the belts from slipping off.

Do my kids need to wear helmets?

Yes, children should always wear helmets when riding in a bike of any kind.

Can the benches be removed?

Each bench is secured in place by a metal latch. Simply undo the latch, and slide out each of the bench panels.

Can you put an infant car seat in the cargo bike?

Yes. An infant car seat and base fit best with one of the benches removed. To secure the seat, it's recommended to bolt the car seat base to the floor of the cargo box. This would require you to drill bolt holes in both the floor of the cargo box and the car seat base. You would also need to buy the necessary nuts and bolts. Please consult with your pediatrician and your local laws, on an appropriate time to begin biking with your infant.

Can an adult ride in the cargo box?

Yes, and this is perfect for date night! An adult can ride in the cargo box, as long as the total weight limit in the cargo box does not exceed 220 pounds. The adult needs to sit on the bench closest to the handlebars.

I have a daycare. I need this!

Well, that’s not really a question, but we do have a 6-seater day care model that we'll be testing in Fall 2018. Send us a message if you’re interested in knowing more.

Will random strangers stop me and say how cool my cargo bike is?

Yes! Riding a cargo bike automatically makes you a sort of local celebrity. Expect to be stopped often for compliments and ride requests (we're not joking).

Will the cargo bike fit through my front door?

Our 3-wheel cargo bike is 34” wide at its widest point (between the frame on either side of the cargo box). This is a narrow fit into 36” wide exterior doors. Our 2-wheel cargo bike model (in development) is narrower, and will be able to fit through any door.

Do you make a 2-wheel cargo bike?

Yes! It is similar in style to the 3-wheel model (black frame, wooden box in front). Each cargo bike will have one bench, and is best for families with one or two children. These will be available September 2018. Send us a message if you want to get updates on the progress.

I'm really short (or really tall). Will I be able to ride the bike?

The bicycle saddle and handlebars have a lot of room for adjustment. The bike can comfortably accommodate riders with heights of 5’2” to 6’5”. Most riders will be able to sit fully upright on the saddle, while tall riders may have a slight forward lean. Both the seat and handlebars have quick-release levers for easy tool-free adjustment. Shorter riders may need to release their outside hand from the handlebars when making a very sharp turn.

Is it hard to ride the bike up a hill?

For a city that is mostly flat, but has occasional short hills, the non-electric cargo bike works great. The bike is equipped with 6-speed Shimano shifters, and is easy to pedal up short hills in the lowest gears. If you would consider your area “hilly” you should consider the 500w motor electric option, which can make riding uphill feel like riding on a flat surface.

How does the motor work?

The motor is located in the hub of the rear wheel. It is powered by a rechargeable battery pack stored in the rear cargo rack. The motor contributes power and makes it easier to pedal the bike. You can adjust the level of output from the motor using the control panel mounted on the handlebards. The motor can make biking up hills feel like level ground. There are two ways to operate the motor. The first is using the torque sensor in the pedals. The torque sensor adjusts the motor's output based on how hard you are pedaling. The second option is to use the handlebar mounted thumb throttle to manually control the motor's output.

How long does the battery last?

It depends on how much power you use from the motor. The range can be anywhere from 10-25 miles on a single charge. If you ride using full power all the time you can expect to be on the lower end of that range. If you use the motor sparingly, you can stretch the battery up to a distance of 20-25 miles.

How long does the battery take to charge?

It can take 6-8 hours to fully charge the battery. The battery charger is an AC adpater that looks similar to a laptop charger. The carger shows a red light when charging and a green light when fully charged. The battery is removable, and we recommend charging it at home overnight, or at work during the day.

How do I transport the cargo bike with my car?

The downside of having cargo bikes with large carrying capacity, is the limited transport options. The bikes do not easily break down, so they must be moved in one piece. The bikes fit in most short-bed pick-up trucks. Other options are long-bed pick-up trucks, mini-vans, or small utility trailers. If you’re taking your cargo bike on vacation, consider renting a small U-Haul utility trailer. U-haul trailers have great daily rates (no mileage fees). This works best if there is a U-Haul drop-off location near your destination.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards through our secure checkout provided by Shopify. We also accept Apple Pay, Amazon Pay, Paypal, and offer payment plans through Klarna.

Why are Bunch cargo bikes more affordable than other brands?

Most of our high-priced competitors fall into two categories. 1) European brands who make their bikes in Europe (high labor costs) and then sell them in North America via distributors who markup the price. 2) Bespoke companies in the U.S. making made-to-order cargo bikes, at a high labor cost. We are a U.S. company that uses bulk overseas manufacutring to significantly reduce our costs. We then sell direct to customers through our website or via dealers, with no markup for distributors. We want every family in the U.S. to own a cargo bike, and mass adoption will only come through affordable prices.

What is the best way to contact Bunch Bikes?

Our business hours are Tuesday - Friday: 8:00AM - 3:00PM CST. During this time you can reach us by phone at 855 - 400 - 0078. You can also send us a message on Facebook or Instagram @bunchbikes, or email us at Outside of business hours, our employees are spending time with their families. So leave us a voicemail or message and we'll respond next business day. Promise.

Why do your business hours only go to 3:00PM?

We're a company that believes in families spending time together daily. Time with kids shouldn't be exclusive to the weekends. We give our employees Mondays off, and close the doors (and the email) at 3pm each work day. We understand that you might have a question for us outside of this time. That's why we make it a priority to be REALLY good at responding to customers. If you have a question, leave us a voicemail. We’ll see it, and return your call next business day. Promise. The same goes for email and social messages.

Do you have a dealer where I can test-ride a cargo bike?

We have a few dealers, but are primarily a direct to customer business.. If a test-ride is a "must", send us a message. We may have an awesome customer in your area willing to let you try their bike. If you live in Texas or Oklahoma, you’re welcome to stop by our warehouse in Denton for a test ride on one of the bikes.

How long does it take to receive my cargo bike?

Bikes are typically delivered 1-2 weeks after placing your order. Our bikes ship via ground LTL, and so delivery times will depend on your distance from Denton, Texas. In back-order or out-of-stock scenarios, the estimated ship times will be listed on the bike or product page.

Do you ship to Hawaii, Alaska, or internationally?

For now, we are only shipping to North America (and Caribbean). For those living in HI, AK, or Canada, we'll need to get an individual shipping quote for you. Contact us with your full address, and we will let you know the freight cost.

How much does shipping cost?

The shipping rates are specific to each state, and based on the distance from our Texas warehouse. To see the cost of shipping a bike to you, add a bike to your cart and enter your address at checkout. For those living in HI, AK, or outside the U.S., contact us with your address and we will get a freight quote for you. For more information about shipping options and costs, go to our Shipping page.

Do you offer local pick-up?

Yes. If you live in Texas or Oklahoma, select Local Pick Up as your shipping method at checkout. We will then contact you to schedule a time to pick-up your bike from our Denton, TX warehouse. If you live in another state, and want to pickup your bike in person, contact us and let us know.

Do the cargo bikes ship fully assembled?

Yes, all bikes are shipped to your home 100% fully assembled and ready to ride. We no longer offer the option to ship unassembled bikes.

What is your return policy?

Due to the large size of our cargo bikes, and the associated freight costs, all sales of cargo bikes are final. We are not able to offer a refund or credit. Of course, if the bike is damaged in shipping or defective, please contact us right away and we'll sort you out. Unopened accessories can be returned within 30 days. Contact us at if there is a concern with your order.

What is your warranty policy?

Our bike frames are covered under a lifetime repair or replace warranty. This includes defects caused by corrosion or fatigue but excluding corrosion caused by scratch penetration of powder coating. We cover the following under a 2 year warranty: 1) The battery and motor system. 2) The wooden panels of the cargo box – includes delamination of wood but excludes any deterioration of wood caused by penetration of the protective surface by wear and tear or deep scratching. 3) Non “wear and tear” items including the following: Saddle, Seat Post, Brake Calipers, Brake Levers, Gear Shifter, Rear Rack, Pivot shaft and bearings. The following items are considered “wear and tear” items and are not covered under any warranty: Tires, Inner Tubes, Valves, Wheels, Spokes, Brake Pads, Handlebar Grips, Bell, Chain, Gear Cables, Brake Cables, Fenders, Reflectors, Rain Cover, Loose nuts or bolts. The warranty starts the day of delivery, is non-transferable, and expires in the case of improper use or inadequate maintenance. Improper use is defined as riding directly up and down curbs, side impact against curbs, riding on two wheels (on a 3-wheel bike), loading of the cargo box above the maximum load of 220 pounds, damage arising from exceeding the design speed of the cycle or extended off road use (i.e. racing), damage as a result of an impact caused in an accident or malicious damage, using the bike in any commercial application such as renting or marketing, or if the standard components on the bike have been upgraded, modified, or removed. Bunch Bikes reserves the right to decide the cause of any warranty claim items, and our judgement is binding.

I need some repairs done on my bike. Do you have any authorized service providers?

No, we don't. Any local bike shop should be capable of repairing, replacing, or servicing the components of your cargo bike. In the event of a crash or damage to the frame, contact a local metal fabricator/welder. If you have a problem with the electric system (motor, control panel, or battery), please contact us at We will troubleshoot the issue, or replace the part, as necessary.

What are the dimensions of the cargo box?

34.5”L x 24.25”W x 20”H

What are the dimensions of the rear rack?

18”L x 6”W. The rack will hold standard size panniers and bike bags. The rack could also be used to mount a child seat, like a Yepp Maxi.

How much weight can you put in the cargo box?

The cargo box area of the box is rated to hold 220 pounds.

Are there gears on the cargo bike?

Yes. The cargo bikes are equipped with 6-speed Shimano gears.

What kind of brakes are on the bikes?

Our cargo bikes are equipped with Avid BB7 mechanical disc brakes on the two front wheels, and “V-Brakes” on the rear wheel.

What is the total weight of the bike?

The total weight of the electric 3-wheel cargo bike is 129 pounds. The total weight of non-electric 3 wheel cargo bike is 120 pounds.

What is the bike frame made of?

Our cargo bike frames are made of hi-tensile steel.

What are the sizes of the wheels?

On the 3-wheel cargo bike, the front wheels are 20" and the rear wheel is 24".

Does the Bike have a rain cover?

Yes, you can add a rain cover to your order by choosing the rain cover option on the bike page.

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