Bunch Deliveries

Bunch Deliveries

What are we?


Bunch Deliveries is a delivery service on bikes in Denton, TX stemming from Bunch Bikes.


We deliver products via bicycle for small businesses downtown. We're doing our part to keep Denton's economy going during this challenging time.


We want to help save people's jobs, the small businesses of Denton, and the health of everyone in the community. 


Who are we?


We are Cameron and Josh, two employees of Bunch Bikes, one of the many small businesses in Denton affected by the coronavirus. 


We are two adaptive cyclists trying to get by ourselves, and at the same time help the community that we live in.


Bunch Deliveries started as an idea in the break room and quickly became a reality as we saw the immediate need for local deliveries in the wake of COVID-19.



What are the "fine details"?


We've kept it simple. Deliveries within a two mile radius of the Denton square are a flat $5 charge. Every mile further from the square is another $1. This way it stays simple and cheap for both you and us.


Our hours are variable, but most deliveries will be done between 2PM and 7PM. Every order we get we will fulfill ASAP. Our goal is to never leave a package waiting more than one day for delivery.


We are flexible and willing to adapt our service to the needs of the small business community.



How do I request a delivery or get more info?


For immediate delivery requests, fill out the form below.


For questions, email us at delivery@bunchbike.com