Bunch Bikes Tariff Announcement

Many of you have heard that there is a new tariff on electric bikes. This affects our business and the whole e-bike industry, and is a result of the "trade war" between the U.S. and China. This tariff will cause an increase in our electric bike prices starting 12:00am CST, Thursday Aug 23rd. Prices on the website will remain the same until then.


1) What are the new prices?


On Aug 23rd, a 25% tariff is being imposed on all e-bikes imported from China. As a result, we will be forced to raise the price of our electric bikes by $200.


Both our 2 and 3-wheel electirc cargo bike models, will now cost $2,995. The price of our non-electric bikes will be unaffected.



2) When will the price change go into effect?


The new prices will begin on Thursday, August 23rd. The last time to purchase an electric cargo bike at the current price is 11:59 CST on Wednesday, August 22nd.



3) How long will the price increase last?


The new prices are final and the increases are driven exclusively by the tariff that goes into effect on August 23rd. As long as this tariff is in effect, the new increased price will be in effect.


There is nothing we can to do absorb these extra costs, and our only option is to compensate for them with a higher retail price.



4) Does this impact accessories?


No. The price of our rain covers, bike bells, and any other accessories we add in the future will not be affected by the tariff. The tariff only applies to electric bikes.



5) Does this affect the price of the electric bikes in Canada or other countries?


Yes. Because all electric bikes are imported and received by our U.S. warehouse, the tariffs apply to every electric bike that we sell, regardless of where our customers are located.



6) Why do you manufacture in China?


As an almost exclusively direct to consumer business, our goal is to provide cargo bikes as affordably as we can. Manufacturing in China allows us to meet our affordability goals while also meeting a very high demand for our bikes.


Even with the additional costs from the new tariff, it still is not feasible for us to manufacture in the U.S. for the price, volume, and quality that we are committed to.



7) What can I do to help end this tariff?


If you would like to voice your opinion regarding the new ebike tariff, fill out THIS FORM on peopleforbikes.org.

If you have more questions, email info@bunchbike.com