Answers to common questions about the Bunch Ambassador program

What data is visible on the website?

The photo you submitted with your agreement and approximate location (zip code). No other personal data of yours will be visible.


How will I contact potential customers?

Customers will contact you via the email address we have provided for you. You may respond to Customers via any method you choose, however, in order to protect your privacy, it is highly recommended that you exclusively use the provided Zoho Mail email address.


How long do I have to respond back to the customer?

You must respond to all customer emails within 24 hours, Monday through Friday. We don't expect you to respond on Saturday or Sunday.


I don't always check the ambassador email address, how will I know if someone has contacted me?

You will receive a text alert from us whenever you have received a new email. You can also install the Zoho Mail phone app and turn on notifications.


Can I change the password on the email address you gave me?

No, please do not change the default email password. We need to retain access to the account.


Where should I meet customers for a test ride?

To protect your privacy, test rides should be done at a public location. For example, a local park, store parking lot, school, church, etc.


What happens if my cargo bike is damaged or stolen during a test ride?

Once you become an Ambassador for Bunch Bikes, you will receive free damage and theft coverage through us.


How do I submit a damage claim?

Email info@bunchbike.com with a pic of the signed waiver, the driver’s license of the test rider, and explanation and photos of the damage. We will then work with you to get your bike repaired.


What information and I expected to give during the test ride?

In addition to your love of your Bunch Bike, we suggest showing them how to use the electric system (if applicable), brakes, seat belts, front and rear lights, and general handling tips on how to safely ride the bike.  Also, let them know about your positive experience with Bunch Bikes.


What do I need to collect from a customer before they test ride my bike?

They will need to sign a waiver and you need a picture of their driver’s license. Before the test ride, submit those 2 things to info@bunchbike.com or text them to 940-536-0597. This information must be sent to Bunch Bikes before the customer gets on the bike.


What if your cargo bike is not functioning properly?

Reschedule the test ride and get your bike into a local bike shop. We want your bike preforming at its best.

How long should I schedule for each test ride?

45-60 minutes is a good estimate.


How will I be compensated?

You will receive $25 for each customer who you provide a test ride for (not eligible for friends, neighbors, etc.), and $100 for each sale that you referred.


How do I get credit for doing a test ride?

Email a signed waiver and pic of the customer's drivers license to info@bunchbike.com or text to 940-536-0597. We'll confirm receipt and add you will receive your $25 next time we process payments.


How do you track referral sales?

We will credit you for a referral sale in 1 of 2 ways. First, we will check any new sales against our list of verified test rides. Second, anyone who orders a bike and uses your unique Tracking Discount Code at checkout will be credited to you.


How can I refer friends, neighbors, and people I meet while riding the bike?

Keep business cards with your unique Tracking Discount Code with you when riding the bike. Hand them out, and let people know they can save $50 off a bike when they use your code.


How can I earn more?

There are 3 tiers of ambassador rewards that will allow you to earn more for going above and beyond as a Bunch Ambassador. For the full details, see the full Terms and Conditions here.


When will I get paid?

All commissions will be paid out monthly at the end of the next calendar month through Paypal. All ambassadors must sign up for a Paypal account in order to receive their commissions.


How can I use my 25% off accessories on the website?

Use code AMB2019 at checkout.


What if I no longer want to be a Bunch Ambassador?

Please email info@bunchbike.com and let us know that you would no longer like to be part of the program. All earned commissions to that point will be paid on the next payout date.


Have a question that wasn't listed here?

See the full Bunch Ambassador Terms and Conditions here. For any other questions, email info@bunchbike.com