About Us

After a family trip to the cycling mecca of Copenhagen, Denmark, Bunch Bikes founder Aaron Powell fell in love with Scandanavian bicycle culture. For a whole summer, he rode with his daughter every day, just like the locals did. But after coming back home, Aaron was unable to find a reasonably-priced, quality-made, cargo bike to buy for his family, so he made it his mission to share the joy of family biking with North America.

Now the leading manufacturer of Dutch-style cargo trikes in North America, the Bunch Bikes family is growing larger every day. Our team is proudly based in Denton, TX and we believe that families come first. We show this by taking care of our employees, designing family-friendly products, and redefining what “customer service” is supposed to mean.

At Bunch Bikes, it's our hope that you'll get a bike your family will love, with service that you can't help but tell your friends about!

Aaron Powell


Aaron is our fearless leader in command. When Aaron isn’t running Bunch Bikes he lives to be with his family or taking on new challenges. That is, when he isn’t recovering from an injury. Most recently he has become obsessed with rock climbing, a passion he passed on to most of us. As a husband and father of two, Aaron went from testing out a cargo bike to using it every day. He wanted other people to be able to experience the same joy he got from his bike in their everyday life so he started Bunch Bikes. Over time he hired one employee, then two, and eventually we grew into the Bunch Bike family, and this is us.

Elliot Minnick

Warehouse Manager

We call Elliot dad, but we are pretty sure he is, officially, the warehouse manager and senior bike technician. He comes from years of working in bike shops as a mechanic and salesman. He went from road bike racing to climbing the ranks in mountain biking unreasonably fast. At a point things turn from work to a passion, and that’s what happened with bikes and Elliot. Despite all this, he does have a life outside of bicycles. Elliot likes everything hipster: he acts hipster, he wears hipster clothes, he drinks like a hipster, and even refutes the fact that he is a hipster… like a hipster. In all seriousness Elliot is a devout friend and is solid member of the Bunch Bike family.

Cameron Largent

Bike Shipper Person Dude

Cameron, the dude we call the bike shipper person dude, manages anything and everything that has to do with inventory and bike shipping. He left the redundancy of operations management in retail to be a part of something more meaningful where he could apply more of his skills. Cameron is currently finishing his degree in business analytics. When he isn’t nerding out playing Dungeons & Dragons in the basement with his friends, Cameron is either working, sewing bicycle bags, going to school, or trying to find the time to go rock climbing. He’s a great addition to the team who applies his experience intelligently and meticulously.

Lydia Banyai

Shipper Person

The catalyst of spongebob quotes being yelled in the warehouse, Lydia is the shipper person (not to be confused with bike shipper person dude). She is in charge of shipping out replacement parts and accessories for all of our customers and assists in bike assembly and inspection. Lydia is going to school to get her nursing degree, which goes to show her caring nature that she tries to hide. She works with incredible focus and intent which proves her to be a good influence for Cameron and Josh. Don’t let her strong southern accent confuse you, she actually came to Texas from Illinois with her family when she was young. With Lydia it’s her devotion to her job and attention to detail that makes her irreplaceable.

Josh Morissette

Less-Than-Stellar DJ

Hi, I’m Josh. Most people here think of me as a less-than-stellar DJ, but I am the one closest to the speakers so they put up with my music. I am the apprentice bike technician here at Bunch Bikes. I assemble a majority of the bikes and get them in pristine, properly adjusted, running condition for our customers. I came here from Maine to find a better sense of purpose… and I heard a rumor it doesn’t snow here in Texas. I’ve always been obsessed with self development and Bunch Bikes gave me an opportunity to develop with a sense of purpose. That’s a kind of fulfillment that can’t be filled by anything else. Aside from that, I’m a complete computer geek, I ride really sketchy motorcycles (when they are running), and I rock climb in my free time. I’m happy I found Bunch Bikes, and I’m delighted to be a part of the gang.