The K9 3.0 - Electric Cargo Bike for Dogs

Sale price$4,965.00

Take your dog everywhere with our premier canine cargo bike. Let your best buddy hop in the front cargo box and hit the open road!


We're proud to introduce the Bunch K9 3.0: Updated components include improved display and controls, more comfortable saddle, flat-resistant tires, and long-awaited color options.


Dog-friendly features and accessories guarantee safe and comfortable riding for your pet, while they enjoy the wind in their face and tongue flapping in the breeze!


Shipping: $199. Arrives Fully Assembled

Bikes ordered today will arrive within 2 weeks in the US - 3 in Canada.


Color: Classic Sedona Woodgrain

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We care for our Bunch families with personal service that is justly famous.
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Why Bunch?

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Trike Stability

Three wheels make the bike easy to start, stop, and handle, even for beginners.

Dogs In Front

So your pal feels (and smells) the breeze and you can enjoy the ride together.

Powerful Electric Assist

With 500w of power, your bike will soar - even uphill, even fully loaded!

Our Community

We're proud to take exceptional care of our Bunch families. We're here to make your bike life easy, accessible, and fun!

Safety First

We use quality components and build and test each bike in our warehouse in Texas. That's how we ensure safety for our families - and yours.

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Upgrades & Accessories

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Double-Clip Dog Leash - Bunch Bikes (For mounting in The Coupe) (For mounting in Original / K9 / Preschool)Eye bolt with dog leash clip for Bunch Bike
TechnoFlex Floor MatFull Size Floor Mat
TechnoFlex Floor Mat Sale price$49.00
Outdoor / Storage Cover - Bunch BikesOutdoor / Storage Cover
Outdoor / Storage Cover Sale price$135.00
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Dashboard Essentials Package#Style_Dashboard Essentials Only
Dashboard Essentials Package Sale priceFrom $94.00 Regular price$157.50
Rain Cover - The Original - 2020 Edition - Bunch Bikes (Rain Cover - The Original)Rain Tent - The Original 2.0 / 3.0
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Customer Reviews

Based on 53 reviews
Sheryll Rubinett
K9 3 is a GREAT BIKE!!!!!!

Bike is a force of nature.
I', unfortunately, am NOT.
Right now, we're oil and water.
Its been six weeks and still growing
pains galore.
This is the third Sunday in a row it has
transported me to NTX Food Bank.
It doesn't want to be a one-trick "pony."
To be continued......

Kelsey S
Fun for all!

We love this addition as our family's second/replacement vehicle. Our two kids enjoy the ride and will happily join for any errand in the "sleigh"! And, we enjoy "driving". We live near plenty of bike trails and enjoy seeing behind the scenes of our city and what's in between our schools and favorite cafes! Lelac was so helpful suggesting accessories- definitely call in to order and they'll hook you up!

Hey Kelsey,

My favorite unexpected benefit from riding our Bunch Bike the last 6 years has been all of the 'little places along the way'. Lots of serendipitous encounters and discoveries in our city that never would have happened when stuck in the car on the main thoroughfares through town.

It's a great way for families to connect with their city for sure.

Lelac is a gem and takes exceptional care or our customers and I'm glad you had a great experience working with her!

- Aaron - Bunch Bikes CEO

Christi Lynn
Beyond Expectations!

I really didn't know what to expect when Christi told me she was buying a Bunch Bike to take our big puppy with us on bike rides. I thought it would be a great way to promote our business but I had no idea how much fun or how easy it would be to ride!

We read the manual and watched the videos, and then started out taking turns with about 60 pounds of weight in front. We found that the more weight in the cargo box, the easier it was to ride while slowly increasing to a power assist of 2. Luckily our puppy weighs almost 125 pounds, so once he was on board and accustomed to the new experience, he provided enough weight to make me feel comfortable.

The power is so much stronger than I expected and I have not taken it over 15 miles an hour yet, and that has been at level 3 power assist. I will work my way up very slowly to level 5.

The bike easily handles all three of us at the same time, without any difference in speed or performance. Very impressive! The Bunch team also was great to work with getting our logo custom wrapped and installed.

I can't express enough how much this bike has blown away our expectations, both in looks and performance. Even more impressive is the customer service we have received from Bunch Bike, specifically Lelac Almagor. We had so many questions when we first started looking at buying the K9 model, that we must have emailed Lelac dozens of times. She was so responsive to our questions, helped source colored accessories to match our logo colors and even helped us find high tech Bluetooth helmets with turn signals!

The purchase process was a a great experience. The bike looks and performs beyond our expectations, and we 100% recommend a Bunch Bike experience to anyone interested in an electric cargo bike.

Hey Christi,

The design looks awesome, and I'm sure it's going to catch a lot of eyes for promoting your business!

Your pup looks like he's having the time of his life though, and I'm so glad the bike is exceeding your expectations!

Level 5 is more than most people will ever need... but it sure is nice to have on hills or with extra heavy loads!

If you ever need anything our customer service team is always really responsive, just as they've been for you thus far!

- Aaron - Bunch Bikes CEO

Meaghan McGovern
Fantastic Customer Service!

Great product but even more than that…great customer service. The team went out of their way to be helpful and ensure we had everything we needed for a great fit and a fun and safe ride. Our dog and daughter love their rides in the bunch bike. And bonus was that the bike arrived in time to watch our local Christmas parade from the bike’s bench seat! Perfect!

Hey Meaghan,

I gave our company 3 values that we operate by, and the first and most important is to WOW customers through extraordinary service.

That's our north star, and we try to live that in every interaction with our customers. I'm glad to hear that it was the case in your experience.

I'm so happy your daughter and pup are loving the rides.

Take care,

Aaron - Bunch Bikes CEO

Tom Patterson
K-9 3.0

Tighter turning radius, less vibrations due to steering dampener, comfy seat and great color!

Hey Tom,

Thanks for sharing! I agree with all the above, the latest bike is definitely an improvement over previous models!

Take care,

Aaron - Bunch Bikes CEO

Victoria Smith
They really mean FREE 14 day trial

For 6 months I pondered ordering the K9 to use with an elderly 100 pound pet goat but was reluctant to pull the trigger for fear that he would not be able to climb into the cargo box or enjoy the riding experience. I finally ordered the K9, and the goat was not amused. I reached out to the most responsive customer support team of any product I've ever purchased, and they helped me brainstorm ideas for securing him in the cargo box in hopes that he would learn to love rides. At the end of the 14 days, I decided to return the bike and was told that the free trial really is that - - free; I would not even incur any shipping fees. Ultimately, it was that top notch, white-glove customer service experience that swayed me into keeping the K9 after all, even though a 15 pound dog now is the only occupant of the cargo area. Much like having a pick up truck, it's nice to know that I can haul a bunch of items, though, if needed. Just an exceptional company and bike.

Hi Victoria,

I'm sorry to hear it didn't work out for the goat but that you decided to keep the bike anyways for your dog and other hauls.

The bike truly is a game changer for anyone looking to replace car trips and stay active while getting things done on a bike.

- Aaron @ Bunch

Dr. Chris

Absolutely amazing Bike! So much joy!!

Thanks Chris, glad you and the dog are enjoying the bike!

- Aaron @ Bunch

Susan Farrell
Rich and Charlie Cruising!

My husband cannot drive anymore but the bunch bike is giving many hours of enjoyment for him and our dog, Charlie! The whole neighborhood loves to watch Rich and Charlie cruise down in the street in the red bike. Thank you!

Hi Susan,

Thanks for sharing Rich and Charlie's experience! We have many customers sum up their experience with the bike with one word: Freedom.

Whether that's a stay at home mom wanting to get outside and be active (while keeping the kids entertained), or people who for one reason another aren't able to drive, the Bunch Bike makes new experiences possible for families!

Happy to hear it's a hit in the neighborhood! Take care,

Aaron @ Bunch

Christopher Sanata
Love this bike!!

I’ve had a 7-speed cargo bike for many years and finally pulled the trigger on an electric one. Bunch Bikes had it delivered very quickly, completely ready to ride. My kids and dogs love it and it’s an amazing way to get around for short trips to the park or grocery store. The customer service department was very responsive and helpful for a few issues we had with the bike and I’m very glad we chose Bunch Bikes to make this purchase. The bike works like a dream and people do stop and stare when you ride by. A true feat of engineering! Highly recommend Bunch Bikes if you are considering an electric bike for the whole family (dogs included of course!). Absolutely love mine!

Hey Christopher,

Congrats on riding an 'acoustic' cargo bike for years, I'm impressed! Once you go electric, you never go back though... most people end up riding further and more often than they would otherwise.

I am very happy to hear that our customer service team took care of you so well too. You'll find that that will always be the case whenever you reach out to us needing help.

And I have to know... what are these dog goggles and where do I get some for my pups???

- Aaron @ Bunch

Such a fun addition to the family!

I got this for my wife for her birthday, to bike around with our dog. Our dog loves it, my wife loves it, and we use it multiple times a weekend to bike to the farmer’s market or to different parks. I use it to pick up groceries. We love it, and we weren’t big car users to begin with but our one car sits even more unused now that we have this super fun ride. Highly recommend!

Hey Lars,

So happy to hear that our bike is helping to facilitate a more entrenched bike lifestyle for your family. The car sitting unused is music to my ears!

Keep it up!

- Aaron @ Bunch Bikes