Front Bench Cushion

Cushion those tushies on bumpy roads and sidewalks! Made from Sunbrella® outdoor fabric, our square bench cushions keep your kids smiling and comfortable on every ride. Rear bench cushion sold separately.
  • Single cushion only - for the front bench of the bike (by the headlight)
  • Thick foam cushion absorbs the shock of bumpy roads
  • Outdoor fabric - Mold and mildew resistant, and color won't fade over time
  • Secure cushion in place - optional adhesive-backed velcro included.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Impressions after a few hundred miles.

I’ve been using the bike to take the kids to and from school and for running errands around town for trips that seem to hover around 5-6 miles round trip. I have found that it is really easy to bring it up on two wheels when turning even at fairly low speeds so I almost always come to a slow roll before any turns. The kids love riding in it (I carry a 3, 5 and 6 year old in it.) and it holds a good amount of cargo when running to Costco or the grocery store. I’ve had a few issues with the bike in the drivetrain and the battery and Bunch has been very helpful with resolving them. There are a few parts that I would improve. I wish it had a bigger front chainring as I am almost always on the hardest gear. I can average about 8 mph with the 3 kids and no battery but my legs definitely feel it! I end up using the middle settings with the battery pedal assist most of the time and I still wish the gearing were a little harder. I also feel like the drivetrain is a little on the cheap side and isn’t as crisp as I would like with pedaling and shifting bit that can be upgraded as things wear out. I really wish that the display had a clock. Lastly, the kids had trouble with the stock harnesses so I purchased some automotive lap seatbelts from a auto renovation shop that I ran from the bottom of the box that work a lot better for us. It also allows the kids to be able to get in and out without any assistance from me. So it’s a solid 4 stars in my opinion and it’s a great way to stop using fossil fuels and get some quality exercise with a purpose!


Front Bench Cushion

Great for a family with kids on the move!

I ride my bunch every single day to take my kids to school, a 2 mile round trip.
Easy to use to get to the grocery and I even ride it just to get out without any other reason than it's a blast to ride!

The bike is absolutely great and has great pickup power and handles hills like a dream.

Only issue I have had is with the chain occasionally falling off, so I removed the chain guard and I can pop it on. It's an adjustment issue so it doesn't affect the rating of the rest of the bike.

Entirely recommend getting one for a family on the move.

Family Outings Are Super Fun!

We adore our Bunch Bike… with 3.5 year old (99th percentile) twins, it’s been so much fun. We’ve had it for 2 years. Use it in all seasons. And get stopped everywhere we go… people are as curious as they are enthralled with it. We decorate it for each holiday with lights/decorations and it was perfect for Covid trick-or-treating this year. The quality of the workmanship, the design, all of the accessories… it’s just a perfect family bike. And thank heavens for the pedal assist!