Toddler Seat for Cargo Bikes

Made specifically for cargo bikes, this comfortable toddler seat will keep your child secure until they are big enough to sit on the benches unassisted. Also perfect for taking naps on long rides!


  • Manufacturer's recommended age is 7-18 months. Many Bunch parents use the toddler seat til age 2+.
  • The optional inserts add more padding and support for children under 12 months.
  • We recommend the BabyMee for younger babies.
  • Mesh polyester – quick dry fabric. Foam padding – Soft and comfortable ride for your toddler. 3-point Harness – Keeps your toddler safe and secure.
  • Made in The Netherlands by Melia. If you own a Bunch Bike or any wood box cargo bike other than a Bunch Bike, select "For All Bunch Models". If you own an Urban Arrow, select "For Urban Arrow"