Bench Cushions

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Cushion those tushies on bumpy roads and trails! Made from Sunbrella® outdoor fabric, our bench cushions are custom sewn to fit our benches and keep your kids smiling and comfortable on every ride. 


Which cushion set do I need?


Original 3.0 + Front Bench: Rear Bench + Front Bench

With toddler seat: Single Seat + Front Bench

Original 3.0 + Front Door or K9 3.0: Rear Bench Only

With toddler seat: Single Seat Only

Preschool 3.0: Preschool 3 + 3.  This set includes two 2-seat cushions and two 1-seat cushions to cover both benches fully!

With infant/toddler seat: Preschool 3 + 2. This set includes two 2-seat cushions and one 1-seat cushion, leaving one seat open. 

Not sure or need something different?

Call or text us ‪(940) 536-0597‬, we're here to help!

The 3.0 cushions will fit the 2.0 Bunch Bike as well.

We do also have a limited supply of cushions that will fit the 1.0 bike. 

These are not listed online, so please reach out to us if needed! 


Color: Chill Grey
Cushion Set: Rear Bench + Front Bench

Cushion Set